Red Bull– Red Bull’s website offers great news and updates about pro athletes. Red Bull sponsors most skiers, so this is a great website to check out.

Ski Resorts– This link provides great updates on weather conditions and snow reports for all ski resorts in the United States. This is great for skiers that are trying to find the right resort to go to based on weather conditions and snowfall.

Powder Hounds– This website provides great information on the top ski resorts in the country. I would suggest this website to anyone who has not been skiing before and wants to find the best place to ski.

The Ski Channel– The Ski Channel is a great YouTube channel that I would suggest for entertainment purposes. They have great ski videos that allow you to watch professionals ski different mountain resorts.

Ski Safety– This website is a great read for anyone going skiing for the first time. These are tips from Ski Patrol on how to be safe on the slopes, and can really help a new skier to be more aware of what they are getting into when going skiing.